Bagpipe it up

Story originally published in 2017 edition of Quiver yearbook.

Trent Schneider has an uncommon hobby for a high school student; he plays the bagpipes.

“I have been playing since I was in fifth grade. We went down to Disney World once, and I saw a bagpiper there. I said that was really cool and that would be cool to play,” Schneider said.

Although his hobby started as a joke, it evolved into an interest.

“For Christmas, I jokingly put down bagpipes on my Christmas list. I did not wake up in the morning with bagpipes, I got practice chanters that you use to learn how to play them,” Schneider said.

No one in Schneider’s family played the bagpipes before him, but his playing has now become normal for them.

“I am the first one in my family to even be interested in playing the bagpipes,” Schneider said.

Schneider practices often, especially when he is performing at large-scale events. Even though this can be nerve-wracking, he always finds time to get practice in before the day of the performance.

“I have played in front of my church before. Kahler, 8th grade year, I played for Veteran’s day. My dad ran the Chicago Marathon and I played for him once he was coming back. I get a little bit of anxiety beforehand, but once I am doing it, it is fun. I can relax and really get into the music. [Practicing takes] a lot of repetition and memorizing. I have to find time out of the day to get the work done and do what I want after,” Schneider said.

Because of his unique musical instrument ability, opportunities open up for him to play at sports games, assemblies and many other events.

“It is really just connections and talking to people about how I do it. My mom works here as a Spanish teacher, so she was talking to the coach about how I play the bagpipes. He remembered it and would remind me to play. I’ve always wanted to play in front of my school,” Schneider said.


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