It Takes A Town

Story originally published in 2017 edition of Quiver yearbook.

There are a myriad of ways to get involved and keep in touch with the community by participating and volunteering through school clubs and school mandated events.

“I joined N-teens in eighth grade because I had been volunteering for a while, and I joined the club. I do a lot of my volunteering through N-teens and I do some outside of N-teens. This year I am introducing new volunteer opportunities in hospitals and Alsip Nursery. I volunteer at fun fairs at elementary schools, craft fairs, walks, non-profit organizations, the hospital and the library. I get to meet a lot of people and hear about their experiences,” Anna Hallowell (12) said.

Events including Angel Tree and the food drive, are annual events held through the school that provide possibilities to give back.

“For the Angel Tree, I made the list of everyone to break off into groups for each category for what child they had, how much money they had and made sure everything ran smoothly. It was nice to come back and know that you are helping somebody that does not have as much around Christmas and in general. It just makes you feel good,” Morgan Calligan (12) said.

For those who want to devote their time and energy outside of school, there are a plethora of chances to give back to the community around the Reigion.

“I volunteer at Faith Church in Dyer and Faith Students, [a program dealing] with the middle schoolers, on Wednesday nights. On Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, I volunteer at Faith Kids, which is with second graders. Some of the middle schoolers do not have a safe place to go, so some of them come in on Wednesday nights and have a safe place to be for about three hours. I have gone to the church for my entire life and I grew up with people volunteering for me, and I decided to give back and volunteer for them,” Elizabeth Slager (11) said.

Students can visit areas that are less fortunate to help build things, such as houses or playgrounds, that can better the lives of those who live there.

“My favorite volunteer work was going to Gary to help restore a children’s playground. The city didn’t have enough money to repair it, so my youth group joined with many other youth groups and we worked together to clean up a basketball court and playground,” Grace Richardson (10) said.


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