No Pain No Gain

Story originally published in 2017 edition of Quiver yearbook.

After a win at sectionals, the varsity boys soccer team was very confident that they were going to win again at regionals and move on to State.

“We were pretty confident going into Regionals that we were going to win. Losing was possibly the worst feeling ever. It was heartbreaking, but we try to look on the brighter side of things and not look at what we could have done,” Enrique Dominguez (12) said.

The Sectional game was their final chance to prepare for Regionals against Munster, but they treated it just like any other game. After they won, the pressure was on to win their next game and beat the Mustangs.

“The Sectional game was just like any other game, but this time if we lost, our season was over. It prepared us for Regionals because we needed to work on a few more tactics in game-like situations, and that was the last time we had the chance to,” Nikko Kolintzas (12) said.

The team knew going into the game that they had to treat it as if it was their last, and they attempted to play their hardest in order to advance. Because of the turnout of the game, they boys now know what needs to be worked on for future seasons.

“For the game, we should give one hundred percent when the game starts and not just in the second half,” Cole Rainwater (10) said.

Despite their struggle during the game, the boys held together and tried their hardest to push forward to attempt to take the title of Regional champions. Despite their hard efforts, they lost the game with a final score of 1-0.

“I think Munster came out with more intensity and more heart, while we just came out thinking we were a better team. Overall, we just needed to play together. [After], I felt like the world was ending. It was my last high school soccer game ever. It really hit me right when the last whistle blew. It hurt because our team has grown up playing together. We were more of a family,” Kolintzas said.

The boys knew going into the game that they had to work hard, and they did just that. However, they could not bring up their score and beat the Munster Mustangs.

“Going into the post season, we all knew that we were only promised one game at a time. I knew that I had to play every game like it was going to be my last, and that is exactly what I did at Regionals. I left everything on that field, and I am happy with my performance during the final game. It did not end up in our favor, but that is life,” Joshua Dulski (12) said.


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