Practicing Perfection

Story originally published in 2018 edition of Quiver yearbook.


Choir concerts require extensive rehearsals and practices to set up and perform. Preparing for concerts takes a lot of dedication in and out of class.
“We prepare for our performances by spending class and some after school practices going over sections of the pieces of music together as a class, but we also have our own individual responsibility of practicing by ourselves at home,” Michael Castallanos (10) said.
Throughout the school year, the choir holds four concerts and band holds two concerts for every choir and band to perform in.
“I want to perform every concert like it’s my last, and I want to make Mr. [Nathaniel] Jones [Music] proud. We practice over and over and over again until all the parts have their parts down and we practice each song three times a day, maybe even more, until we know it all by memory,” Taylor Long (11) said.
When it comes to performing in the concerts, it can be nerve-wracking for the performers, whether it’s an upperclassman who has done several performances before or an underclassman who are performing for the first time.
“I’m really stressed the day of a concert so I usually try to take it easy and remain calm. Being a senior, a lot of underclassmen look to me for answers during a concert about where to go since Mr. Jones is busy,” Joshua Dejarlais (12) said.
Students take pride in their concerts because of the time they put into their rehearsals. Rehearsals are held in the auditorium one week prior to the concert in order to perfect every detail.
“We put so much effort into putting out a quality concert that once it’s over, it’s hard to feel anything but proud of yourself for getting it done. There are a lot of rehearsals that go into performing,” Dejarlais said.


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