Hands-On Creativity

Story originally published in 2018 edition of Quiver yearbook.

Deciding on a career path can be a tricky task for some students. Some choose to be more hands-on and take classes in those specific fields, such as Precision Machining, Automotive Service Technology and Graphic Design.
“I look at [Precision Machining] as a skill I could use to get a job in the future. What interested me was the opportunity to work machinery that I never knew how to use. This class has [improved] my hand-eye coordination. In this [class] you learn to cut various materials on different machines and how to operate the machine,” Brandon Rusch (10) said.
Automotive Service Technology is a class offered to students intrested in pursuing a career involving cars. The class allows those who take it to use hands-on experience to gain knowledge about cars.
“[I see myself doing this as a career] because it’s something I’m deeply interested in and just about everyone has a car, so the work will always be there,” Christopher Benak (10) said.
Students in Graphic Design have the chance to use machines to make several projects. Machines and printers are used for banners, stickers and shirts.
“Instead of sitting in a classroom, you get to print [and] cut banners, make t-shirts [and] print projects. If a machine that you’re using jams or breaks you need to know how to unjam that machine or fix it.” Alyssa Todd (10) said.
Some of the projects that are given in Graphic Design are banners and posters that can be displayed across the school or community.
“It’s a good feeling when the person that you’re designing a project for likes the outcome of the product you made for them. To see your work throughout the school is a good feeling. It’s unique because your product can be seen by just the class [or] up to the whole school depending on how important the project is,” Todd said.


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