Quiver: Making The Letter

This page was difficult because Sam wanted it to be more about striving for academics and have kids who did not necessarily have the best grades but worked hard for what they have.



Quiver: Where it All Begins

This page was difficult. It is hard to decipher whether or not the swimmer/wrestler is in JV or varsity. A lot of time was spent on figuring out if the individual could be used for the page.

Quiver: Now Lets Get in Formation

This page was our first sports page of the year. It was pretty hard because I had only one person on my team who knew the ways of marching band. And because of that, it was really hard to do things when he was not there because the rest of my team and I were not as educated as him.

Quiver: Learning Life Lessons

The eighty quote page. This page was an absolute nightmare. There were so many quotes needed in such a small amount of time, it was very overwhelming. But, I have such a great team, that they were able to get all of the quotes that were needed to be able to publich the page.

Quiver: Bagpipe It Up

For this page I talked to Trent at the soccer game he performed at. I was helping with a page of weird freshman hobbies, so I told them about what he does, and they decided to write a story about him.