It’s Senior Time

OnApril 20, the Class of 2018 gathered one last time before prom at the Villa Cesare. The seniors dressed in costumes and celebrated their time together.

“[Senior Banquet] is a celebration of the last four years and a great way to end it with the senior class,” Joshua DeJarlais (12) said.

Most dances and events require students to dress formally, but this dance provides an outlet for creativity by dressing in an endless amount of costumes.

“All the costumes make [Senior Banquet] feel different and special opposed to any other event,” DeJarlais said.

Seniors came together to celebrate the last time that they can all be together and celebrate as a class.

“Going to Senior Banquet gave me a very different feeling to the year rather than it just being another dance. It was a last hoorah for us to get together and have a good time before we all go our separate ways,” Payton Sanders (12) said.



Singing the Classics

On Tuesday, March 6, all of the Lake Central choirs came together to perform the ISSMA songs.

Preparing songs for ISSMA and the concert can be stressful for the singers.

“[Preparing for ISSMA] was a little stressful, not going to lie. It took a lot of hard work to learn all the songs, especially to properly speak French. We also were aiming for a gold, so we wanted to make sure all the pieces were the best they could be. For the concert, it was less stressful since we had already got gold and we were just performing what we already knew and perfected,” Stephanie Gustas (11) said.

Perfecting the songs to be critiqued by judges can be hard when you have a limited amount of time to practice.

“We have rehearsals every Monday and Friday to work for Counterpoints, but we’re all well aware that these songs will be critiqued by judges and not just our families. District competition happens in January, so we have less time to work on the songs than normal, so it takes more hard work,” Lauren Kamykowski (12) said.

The concert usually takes place after the ISSMA competition, making most of the songs perfected and ready.

“What makes this concert easy, however, is that it comes after District and State for Counterpoints, so our pieces are well polished by the time we perform for our families,” Kamykowski said.

Compared to other choir concerts, this one is shorter in length due to only being able to perform two songs at ISSMA.

“We perform fewer songs at this concert. Counterpoints are only able to compete with two songs at District and State in comparison to the normal three or more we learn. Bells also [does] not perform at this concert. We also showcase soloists who receive golds on their solos at ISSMA,” Kamykowski said.

The choirs that performed at this concert got a gold medal at ISSMA, except for the Concert Choir, who still has not competed.

Choir Gets Into the Christmas Spirit

On Thursday, Dec. 7, all of the Lake Central choirs came together to sing a variety of Christmas songs in the auditorium.

The Handbells opened the program with “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” engaging the crowd immediately. Right after the Senior Treble Choir took people’s breath away with “A Welsh Noel”, “Nanita Lullaby” and “Believe.” Following the Senior Treble Choir, the other choirs such as the Counterpoints, Varsity Choir and the Trebleaires kept the attention of all with their renditions of Christmas songs. Da Capo performed “Elvis Christmas” and “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

“Da Capo is very fun and the performances are always energetic. Everybody [in Da Capo] wants to be there, which makes it easier to have a good time. The audience always has a great reaction when we perform. [“12 Days of Christmas”] was one of my favorite pieces to learn and perform. We kept the ad libs fresh every time, which made it a blast to perform. I think it was a  lot of people’s favorite to watch and perform,” Joshua Dejarlais (12) said.

The piece the Da Capo performed “Twelve Days of Christmas” was a favorite for many. Throughout the show, the choir kept the audience enthusiastic with every song.

“The performances went very well. My favorite song that I wasn’t in was the Da Capo piece “Twelve Days of Christmas.” My favorite piece that I was in was in was “Angels Medley.” The audience was enthusiastic and responsive. Overall, it was a success,” Samantha Bredar (12) said.

The show finished off with a performance from the Concert Choir with the songs “For Unto Us a Child Is Born,” “Christmas Is … “ and “Angels Melody.”

Lady Indians Take on the Oilers

Story published on 4/21/17

The varsity and JV girls tennis team took on the Whiting Oilers on Monday, April 17, at home.

“Altogether the matches went well. There is always room for improvement, but we won 5-0 and I’m really proud of the team,” Claire Gronek (11) said.

The JV girls also won their matches 5-0 against Whiting. Even though Lake Central won the matches, Whiting was not an easy win.

“Whiting is an opponent that you can never take for granted. I have a lot of respect for their team and their coach. Coming into the match, they were actually undefeated. Though the score looks like an easy win, the games were competitive,” Colette Oboy (11) said.

Both varsity and JV’s wins might seem to have been easy, but there are things that they believe they could improve on.

“You can always improve on everything all the time. Whether it is consistency, serving or just plain forehands and backhands,” Amanda Guerrero (11) said.

The varsity and JV teams’ next match is on Thursday, April 20, at Lake Central.



Retracing History

Story published on 2/23/17

History Club met on Friday, Feb. 17, after school in Mr. Tom Clark’s, Social Studies, room. The club has been meeting in Clark’s room for the past few meetings due to technical difficulties in the LGI.

“This week at the history club meeting we went through this month’s facts of the day. Since it is Black History Month, we had a special emphasis on important things that African Americans did in this country,” Madeline Spoerner (10) said.

Caitlin Mavity (11) presented a powerpoint about important African Americans throughout history. Her powerpoint included songs by Aretha Franklin.

“[During the meeting] we saw a couple history facts of the day. We also watched a presentation about John Adams, which was given by Alexis,” Kaitlin Cunningham (10) said.

Alexis Nikolovski (11) gave a presentation about the president, John Adams.

The Indians Take on the Trojans

Story was published on 1/17/17

The JV boys basketball team took on Highland at home on Jan. 10. The Indians defeated the Trojans 58-44.

“It was definitely a game that was closer than we wanted it to be. Personally, I think we should have been winning by more,” Isaac Beatty (10) said.

The JV team’s next game will be Jan. 13 at home.

The Pennies Are Rolling

Story  published on 11/23/16

On Thursday, Nov. 17, Dollars for Scholars held a meeting to discuss their involvement in the Penny Wars, which goes on throughout the elementary and middle schools. Penny Wars is a competition to see which school and class can bring in the most money for Dollars For Scholars.

“Right now we are making posters to advertise the Penny Wars in the middle schools,” Hope Huenecke (10) said.

Dollars For Scholars met after school to discuss the volunteer work that they can do for the school and the community.

“We do a lot of volunteering around the school and community, we do different events. Right now we have a Watson Holiday Carnival coming up and the Bibich movie night, and other community activities such as the Down Syndrome Association, where DFS students go and help students with reading and math,” Ms. Ashley Kline, Guidance, said.

The next meeting is Dec. 15, for seniors only. The next meeting for all members is on Jan. 19.